An Exciting Opportunity Coming Your Way!                 

            Robyn Thompson the “Rehab Queen”                              

Learn How to Put $20,000 Cash In The Bank Each Month.

Robyn has shared her knowledge with thousands of students across our nation and is now coming to MAREIA to explain her perfected system and how it will work for you. This is not a “blue sky” program but a reality and each and every one of you can place as she does Ca$h In The Bank.  Robyn has rehabbed over 260 properties in her 11 years of investing.

She will instruct you on:

Her Buying Machine                                                                 

  • Where to Find Properties to Rehab for profit                            
  • 10 Criteria to Ensure High Profit Deals                
  • The Rehab Process
    -Locating the Best Contractors to Get the Job Done
    -Prescreening Contractors
  • 9 Types of Houses to Never buy                                                                      
  • 4 Strategies to Funding Deals when You Have No Money
  • Maximum Allowable Offer formula
  • Selling Houses in a Down Market
    -The Most Critical “WOW” Factors to Sell the
    -Marketing to Attract “A” Credit Buyers
    -Pre-screening Buyers in 4 Minutes to Ensure They can buy

    Robyn will be our guest at MasterMind, August 21, 12-2:00pm.  Saturday Workshop, August 23, 9-5pm and Bus Tour with Robyn, August 24, 9-5pm.Also, join us for Wine & Cheese, networking and education at the General Meeting, Members FREE, Non-Members $20. Newbie Meeting FREE!!