Guest Speaker:
Al Aiello


How To Be 100% Audit Proof and Save BIG On Taxes This Year!

Al Aiello is coming to MAREIA to show you how to turn the tax code in your favor.

Al is someone who loves to read the IRS regulations to find every loophole (no matter how small) to help you keep the most money from going to the government.

Here are just a few items that Al will cover:

  • How to aggressively take deductions without increasing your chances of an IRS audit
  • How to retroactively save on overlooked deductions that can save you $1000′s
  • How to legally double and triple your depreciation deductions
  • How to NEVER pay taxes when you sell property, even if profits are huge
  • Simple ways to create HUGE unlimited deductions
  • How to sell properties tax-free (there is a very specific way to do this and we’ll show you how)

This may not be the the most exciting part of real estate investment, but it’s just as important as knowing the right ARV.

Join us on April 15. Don’t miss the opportunity to see how you can put more money in your pocket without spending more money


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