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Who attends MAREIA meetings?

People from all over the mid-Atlantic region attend our meetings. The usual meeting participant is just like you–just trying to find out more about real estate investment. Other more experienced investors attend the meeting to network with other investors, bring a product or property to sell, or to hear the latest technique in real estate investment during a presentation from a nationally recognized real estate investor. We strive to provide educational and informative meetings for the beginner as well as the experienced investor.

What if I am just getting started, or just want to find out more about real estate investing?

MAREIA was established to assist anyone who wants to find out more about real estate investing. MAREIA was also established for more experienced investors to meet regularly and exchange information, therefore promoting the advancement of all real estate investors. There is no obligation and no pressure to attend a meeting. If you choose to attend a MAREIA event, no one will screen you to see if you have any experience. If you approach a MAREIA staff member and ask a question, we’ll quickly answer your question or if we can’t answer your question, we’ll refer you to someone who can.

Additionally, a good percentage of the audiences of our monthly meetings are first time attendees. So, if you decide to attend a meeting for the first time, you won’t stand out as “the new kid in the room.”

What happens at MAREIA meetings?

  • Networking
  • Presentations from nationally recognized speakers in the real estate investment business
  • Presentation by vendors of valuable real estate services geared toward the real estate investor
  • Small group discussions or “round tables” that discuss a contemporary real estate topic like getting a loan, appraisals, or property insurance.
  •  The “Real Estate Round Table” networking meetings where investors get together and talk shop, and analyze and construct deals with actual participants and actual deals. Just as the title suggests, everyone is welcome newbie and experienced investors.
  • Much more!

How do I become a member of the Association?

  • There is no special requirement you just need to be an individual wanting to learn more about real estate investment and who sees the value of network and learning from others. You may also be an experienced investor who enjoys networking and educational events that will enable you to move to the next level in your business.
  • You can attend a monthly meeting for the $20 entrance fee, and if you think you would benefit by becoming a member at that meeting, we’ll sign you up and apply your entrance fee toward your membership.
  • You can sign up on this website. Just go to the Membership page to find out more.

When are meetings scheduled?

Our general monthly meeting is scheduled for the  SECOND THURSDAY of every month. The “Real Estate Round Table” networking meeting is scheduled for the FOURTH Monday of every month. We have other special arrangement meetings occurring on various other days, including Saturday and Sunday. You can check our schedule of events at the Calendar of Events on this website. Also, check our website periodically for updates on special events, or sign up to be on our Newsletter notification list to receive information.

How do I get more information on the association?

The best way to get more information is to view this website, then attend a monthly meeting. To obtain a quick picture of what MAREIA is about, follow these steps:

  • One, view our website for basic information on meetings and when they are held.
  • Two, check out the MAREIA Bulletin Board and see the posts from others discussing meeting topics and general real estate investment questions and answers.
  • Three, attend a meeting to see how the meetings operate.
  • There is no pressure and no obligation to attend a meeting. You can come and listen and view how real estate investors network. Our meetings include a mixture of people–some who just want to find out a little more information–to active real estate investors structuring deals worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What is the admission fee?

Our regular monthly meetings are $20 for future members, free for members.  Click here to register Calendar of Events. Check the website for any special fee arrangements for other meetings.

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