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Professional Housing Provider Program

Essential Education for Professional Real Estate Investors & Entrepreneurs

Real estate can be a complex industry.  There are many moving parts involved in buying, renovating , selling, and renting properties. In addition, investors need to know the many rules, regulations and laws when it comes to taxes, insurance, building codes and tenant/landlord relations.

The most important part of being a successful real estate investor is gaining the knowledge you need to navigate the many ways to buy, fix, sell and maintain your investments for maximum profitability while avoiding the problems that will cost you time and money.

MAREIA is the only local organization that once again is offering the Professional Housing Provider (PHP) curriculum. Consisting of 60 hours of education, you can learn everything you need to know to be a successful investor. The classes cover all aspects of buying, selling and managing property with ease and guaranteed profits by first learning the fundamental elements of property investments.

Whether you are new to real estate investing or are an experienced real estate investor, these classes will provide eye-opening information and industry best practice techniques that will build on and improve your property investment strategies for optimal results.

Why Choose PHP?

Professional Housing Provider (PHP) is supported by the National Real Estate Investors Association as a means to develop well-educated, professional and ethical real estate investors.

The program is a nationally recognized certification that equips investors with the fundamental skills for professional property sales, purchases and management.

Get a Head Start & Boost Your Success Rates

New investors can get a head start in property investments and experienced investor can update their skills and techniques. PHP is a vital foundation to real estate investment and a cornerstone for intelligent property investments.

Total beginners are welcome as well as those looking for a career change or investment opportunity. We’ll equip you with all you need to become a real estate entrepreneur, successfully closing deals and building a valuable portfolio.

The objective of the course is to assist you make wise investment choices, increase profitability and establish a solid career in property investment.

Our People & Your Network

Made up of 60 hours of education, you’ll be taught to a very high standard by experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are local and national experts.

When you attend PHP classes, you get an additional benefit because you will have the opportunity to build your network by connecting with fellow students and property investment professionals.

Gain an Approved Certification for Professional Investors

Enroll with MAREIA to earn PHP certification from the National Real Estate Investors Association and enjoy huge savings when you take advantage of our discount promotion.

There’s no reason why property investments have to be so complex when you can equip yourself with the right knowledge to make yourself an expert in the field.

Download the PHP Brochure (Adobe Reader Required). This file is 3.3 MB.

The PHP Subject Areas

Professional Housing Provider training includes most of the following subjects:

Including formal appraisal methods (cost, income, and replacement method), PACE instruction, how to compare properties, etc.

Including estimation, which projects will pay for themselves, etc.

Fair Housing Law
Including federal, state, and local fair housing regulations

Including negotiating with sellers, buyers, renters, contractors and vendors, banks, etc.

Including conventional financing, FHA/VA financing, Owner financing of all types; comparing, financing, offering financing.

Tenant-Landlord Law
Including landlord’s and tenants responsibilities, evictions, etc.

Contract Law
Including basic contract law; using contracts and clauses to protect yourself, developing contracts such as leases, options, purchase contracts etc. that for the real estate investment business

Including record keeping; dealing with tenants; maximizing cash flow; and others

Including finding deals and calculating profitability

Including pre- and post- purchase inspections, and pre and post move-out inspections of properties held.

Including how to market properties for sale and for rent; how to market buying services

If you have questions about this class or about the PHP Program email Mary Jo Whelan at

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