"While there are still organizations calling themselves REIAs that are just marketing fronts for books, tapes and “systems”, you guys are putting on quality events with practical information. Keep up the great work. (I’m really looking forward to next week’s general meeting.)"

Jack BeVier

"Going to join!!! FANTASTIC!! Best meeting I attended in over 10 years! Maybe 30!!"



"In a world and industry where many people over promise and under deliver, Beth, Alan and MAREIA are just the opposite. With their guidance, knowledge, support and resources, I was able to do my first wholesale deal, netting a profit of over $7000.00. They have truly been a blessing to me and my family. Thank you!"


"I'd like to extend a big "Thank You" to those involved with making last nights MAREIA Matchmaker meeting possible. I really enjoyed the opportunity to network with other investors who were ready to buy/sell property and make deals happen! I look forward to more events like this in the future. "



"Kudos to your club . . . MAREIA was the first REI club I ever attended 6 months ago and was my launching pad for REI, I have always gotten a great value out of each meeting - especially your deal makers forum, something not offered by any other club I've been to. Keep up the good work!"


"Thank you both, and your support staff, so much for MAREIA. MAREIA's website certainly came off professional looking, appealing and helpful to someone like myself, the newest of the new. If I was apprehensive about anything during my drive. . .all that went away during the course of the meetings.
I came away with a fistful of business cards and a headful of ideas. You both exude tremendous enthusiasm and immense interest in what you do and helping others to join you. Thanks for the support."

FB Properties LLC