Landlord Discussion Group


Do you want to be a Landlord but don’t know where to start?

Are you an experienced Landlord and want to keep on top of changes and network with other Landlords?

Or perhaps you are a reluctant, or an accidental Landlord.

Then join this discussion group and become an Educated Landlord.   

At first glance Landlording seems to be about collecting rent and reaping profits.

But this multi-faceted career can be more challenging than just collecting rent.  However if done correctly it can also be financially rewarding.

In this discussion group we’ll cover all facets of Landlording. Some of the topics we’ll discuss include: choosing a property, screening tenants, having a good lease, setting rent amounts, voucher tenants vs. market tenants, service calls, evictions, fair housing laws and regulations you must abide by and much more.

Most importantly you’ll learn to run it like a business and take the emotions out of your decisions. 

So bring your questions and be ready to join this informative discussion group.

Mary Jo Whelan will be facilitating this discussion group.  She is an active Landlord and Property Manager with over 13 years experience in the field.

Meets Every first Tuesday of the month.  We have guest speakers some months and open discussion other times.